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Constantly following five idiots. Glee is all I need. Pezberry is all I want. Faberry is all I'd like to have. Brittana is all I never forget.
French. Girl. 15.

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"I’ve never seen a show with a more talented cast and a more passionate fan base, and these writers just squander it, over and over and over."

Heather Hogan (After Ellen) about Glee (x).


I don’t want to run away with you because I wanna run away. I want to run away with you because you and I are the only truly awesome people I’ve ever met. And I’m tired of doing stuff that only matters to people less awesome than us. 

lightbluenymphadora asked: "Pezberry: Santana attempts making vegan pancakes b/c she wants to serve Rachel breakfast in bed."


“I just…I don’t understand how you caught the drapes on fire too…” Rachel murmured, staring at the wreckage of her father’s once pristine kitchen.

“You kind of had to have been there,” Santana mumbled, frowning as she tried to figure out how egg substitute had gotten inside of the over head light fixture. A lump was quickly forming in the Latina’s throat and her eyes were starting to water as Rachel looked around in horror.

“You’re hurt,” Rachel said, frowning as she pulled Santana’s hand towards her and looked at the blisters forming on her knuckles.

“It’s okay,” Santana said, her voice shaky. “I just, I got angry because they weren’t flattening like normal pancakes are supposed to and…”

“You punched the pancake…in the frying pan?” Rachel asked, trying her hardest to keep a straight face.

“Well the knife wasn’t doing me any good, and by then the batter had already eaten through the mixing bowl and I just don’t know what happened! It all happened so fast,” Santana said, her voice rising until she was nearly sobbing.

“Oh baby,” Rachel said pulling the Latina into her arms and rubbing her back. “It’s okay. We’ll get it all cleaned up and we’ll hang some pictures over the holes in the wall.”

“I just wanted to cook you breakfast because last night was so awesome,” Santana whined, resting her head on the shorter girl’s shoulder. “I just don’t know what happened.”

“Shh,” Rachel hushed, kissing the Latina’s cheek. “Vegan cooking isn’t for everyone. Now come on and lets get you cleaned up.”

“Okay,” Santana said sniffling and looking down at her shirt which was covered in green and purple stains. “I just don’t understand.”

“I know baby,” Rachel said biting her lip to keep from giggling. 

Dianna messing up during the Young Storytellers show +

pauladeroma asked: "Santana asks Rachel to prom."


“Seriously San, she’s gonna say yes so stop tripping,” Dave said, rolling his eyes as the fiery Latina forced the remaining Freshmen Cheerios into their places.

“You don’t know that! There’s no way you can know that for sure. Wait did she say something to you? Tell me what she said Karofsky afore I ends you!” Santana yelled, grabbing the jock by the collar of his jacket and pulling him down to eye level.

“Okay, time for Santana to take a little breather now,” Kurt said, coming over and prying the girl’s hands off of his startled looking boyfriend. “Babe, how bout you go make sure the sound guys are ready for this ridiculously over the top romantic gesture hmm?”

“Anything to get away from her,” Dave mumbled before pecking his boyfriend on the forehead and quickly shuffling away.

“It is not ridiculously over the top is it? Oh god it is. I’m gonna make a fool of myself Ladyface!” Santana said, panicking and scaring a number of nearby Cheerios in the process.

“Satan pull yourself together,” Kurt said grabbing the Latina and sending a hopefully reassuring smile to the Cheerios who looked ready to bolt. “Is this ridiculously over the top? Yes. But you’re asking Rachel Berry to prom and Rachel Berry is ridiculously over the top about everything. Last week she sang a power ballad because she aced her math final.”

“That was really adorable,” Santana murmured, looking away and flushing when Kurt rolled his eyes at her. “Ugh, I just I’m nervous. I mean we’re friends now me and Rach. Good friends. Great friends. But I want to be more than friends with her and I’m afraid she’s either not going to understand that that is what this is all about or will understand and won’t want me after how bitchy I’ve been,” Santana said sitting down and hiding her face in her hands.

“Okay,” Kurt said sitting own next to her and putting a hand on her shoulders. “You were a royal bitch last year before you and Rachel became friends, and you’re still pretty catty now, but not to Rachel. You treat her like she hung the stars and she loves it. And I’m positive that a little part of her is already in love with you. So stop freaking out and get ready because here she comes.”

Santana’s head whipped up and a wide smile broke out on her face at the sight of Rachel walking into the courtyard, a shy smile on her face. Instantly the Latina was off of the bench and heading towards her.

“Hey,” Santana said giving the singer a quick, gentle hug.

“Hey yourself,” Rachel said, stepping back and twisting her hands together. “What’s all this about?” She asked, gesturing to the assembled Cheerios, marching band, Glee club, and football team.

Santana bit her bottom lip and smiled at the girl. “Well I wanted to ask you a question. And they’re all here to help me out.”

Rachel was silent, thoughtful looking for a moment, before seemingly making up her mind and stepping forwards, surprising the Cheerio when she leaned up and softly kissed her jaw. “I can already tell you, the answer is going to be yes.”

“Really?” Santana asked, looking down with wide eyes and an even wider smile. “I mean you know what I’m going to ask?”

Rachel giggled and looked down at the ground for a second shyly. “I already bought my dress. I just wanted to take the pressure off of you so you can do the big song and dance I will no doubt love.”

Santana chuckled and pulled the girl into a tight hug, kissing her temple. “You’re awesome Rachel Berry.”

“I know I am,” Rachel said, returning the hug before pushing Santana away. “Now get to the wooing me part. I’ve only said yes to prom, you’ve still got to work it if you want me to be your girlfriend too.”

Santana flashed a cocky smile down at the girl. “Oh it’s on,” she said winking at her before turning to the marching band and yelling at them. “HIT IT GUYS!” 

"The best part of a relationship is getting to call the person, or lay down next to them, and tell them all the crazy things that happened to you all day long. In the end that’s what it’s about. It’s not about sex, it’s not about the money they give you, it’s not about how good looking they are, it’s about them listening to you talk for hours and hours and hours, about stupid shit that doesn’t matter."
— Tegan Quin (via crossingcolors)


Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures, from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.